The year is 2012.
Month is January.
It is a Sunday night.

Picture a soon-to-be-19-year-old typing the rhyme below in a frenzied rush on the very computer desk I am finally posting this from. With the printout taken, some dude with straightened hair has possibly lied to his mother about why he is stepping out, and where he is headed off to.

A short (frigid) scooter ride later, one doorbell rings..

I’m glad that your previous birthday wasn’t the last I’d celebrate, you know..
And because we’re talking again, I hope that this one would also not be so!

That was a lovely dress you were wearing when we met a few hours ago.
You must have bought some nice jewelry and a pair of shoes as well, no?

I forgot to write this, and midnight is approaching, so I better be swift!
Thought of buying a big purse for you, something no woman can resist.

Could have bought flowers that would wilt, and chocolates for you to eat.
And ‘tis no secret that needless perfumes would always be on your wishlist.

But for years I have known, that you have always wanted to be a guitarist.
Plus something you could keep until you are fifty, is what I wanted to gift.

And thus, yours truly over here became somewhat of a crazy spendthrift.

I pray today, that may our friendship never stray adrift, and desire that
Between us there would not be another divisive rift. I just want to say..

That I will always be there to help you.. personally, over the phone
Or via text.. even though to another city I soon may have to shift.

And would be glad if this serves as a reminder — when you just
Want to talk to someone who will always care about you a bit.

I just keep on repeating, that there is something that you possess,
Far more glittering than gold, or dazzling than diamonds, which is.

To know that I could somehow contribute a little to your happiness;
To imagine and witness that incredulous smile is simply — priceless!

Often, we post things because it matters to us a lot.
Sometimes, we post things because it no longer does..

Jack of all trades, master of some.