A finger in every pie, within me is a greedy boy;
He bites off more than one can chew.

Plenty on my plate, and this I truly hate;
Folks call me lucky, those with a problem of few.

There is this song I need to write, gotta rush to catch a flight;
Oh, and now this bloody college submission is due.

So many goddamn abilities, a gamut of possibilities;
Little idiot just wants to dabble with many a shade and hue.

My body does not feel so fresh, but I cannot get this itch outta my flesh;
If only youthful days were some Netflix subscription to renew.

Keeping expectations from me — are dead relatives, forsaken
Companions and a mentor, you see. Well, they must join the queue.

Rhymes like these are often a warning sign.. do not become
Envious of this tortured mind. My path is not for you.

Jack of all trades, master of some.